Daniel Glenn in OBX

Spring time in Florida can be tough. long waits for waves are no fun for anyone, we start to get a little antsy. Seeing a little window for swell in the outer banks was all we needed to get in the car and head north.  I don't know, maybe seeing this edit and photos can help you beat some of those summer doldrums spells...   


 a small gallery of action and landscape. 

Daniel Glenn in Outer Banks _ Our|Own Blog Post _ natehphoto

A pair of perfection?

Left: Andrew Fletchher has a look at really really fast running beach break barrel. A little more direction down the beach and we would have had a mini Fanning right.   

Right: Same wave a little further down the line 

Daniel Glenn_ OUROWN _ May 2017 _ natehphoto-9895.jpg

The Frisco Pier

I actually just googled images of this pier to see what types of shots this pier has. It looks like it used to be an enjoyable spot to hang out and fish from. now she sits there about to crash into the sea. Nature had another plan. 

 Down the beach from the Rodanthe Pier. 

Down the beach from the Rodanthe Pier. 

Enjoying these vies even more now being back in Lake Atlantic. Its a bit of mind surfing heaven.

Ben is a charger. Watching him drop under the lip a few times is all it took to see that this kid is hilarious and dedicated.  

 Daniel Glenn

Daniel Glenn

Thanks to the golden fletch and Benstagrom for being awesome travel buddy's. 


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