Captain Goop, Size L at Sebastian Inlet.

Its not everyday you see Snook blazing out of the water for those finger blasters. 

Captain Goop, Spencer Riley, took us out fishing for a slot snook a couple weeks back. I did not expect to see Snook doing backflips to get the bait. It was incredible. 

We got one slot, this nice 32" on the money, took it home and made sushi. A nice clean fish like that tastes amazing with just Soy Sauce. 

What an fishing experience that was. Good work Goop. 

 Nice Spenc. 

Nice Spenc. 

Daniel Glenn fishing the Sebastian Inlet from Captain Goops 22' Pathfinder. Photo by Nathaniel Harrington _ natehphoto
Sebastian Inlet in the Fall. Photo by Nathaniel Harrington _ natehphoto

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